You mention that your sculptural and installation work deals with what you call a “crisis of our existing surroundings” and the tension between physical and psychological space. Can you tell us a little bit more about what that means to you and how you explore this in your practice?

The daily experience can be rich with investigation, even in the regimented and scheduled routine that we all fall into. Numerous times during the day we all respond to challenges, both psychologically and physically, that we navigate to various degrees of success. Applying this same approach in my practice, the work becomes a reflection of this adventure. What becomes important in my practice is not the degree of success that these obstacles are met with, but the level of effort and sincerity that I invest in resolving them.

What comes to mind when you think about your time at Hunter College now?

Luxurious . . . transformative . . . time . . . space . . .

How have both your thoughts on transforming space and your use of materials evolved since your time at Hunter?

I have had many different forms of studio since my graduation from Hunter in 2005, whether through residency programs outside of the city, abroad, or different studio locations within New York. I have realized the only thing that matters isn’t the size of the space that you have, but the ability to adapt within the space you are given, making work a possibility anywhere.

Lately I have been working with a certain scale that corresponds to human height. In this way I imagine the relationship to the body, how we maneuver through space, and our relationship to objects in space. This investigation creates a contrast between the physical interpretations, applying color, scale, and process to a historical object concerning its own making and history. Instead of providing a totality, or a critique of that totality, the works comment on a world in flux, a static object that acknowledges its own incompleteness.

All Images from Carolyn Salas, taken at:

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314 South 3rd Street

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Lost Coast

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